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Wood look melamine tray GN 2/4 Crazy Wood

Wood look melamine tray GN 2/4 Crazy Wood

Art. Nr. : 1377
Height: 1
Length: 53
Width: 16.2
weight: 0.78

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Wood-look melamine tray, wood-look melamine serving and presentation tray with orange mesh, GN 2/4, Crazy Wood melamine collection. Stackable, dishwasher safe at 70°C.

You can use this rectangular buffet tray in wood effect melamine for serving and presenting on the table and on buffet tables: catering buffet, breakfast, cocktails, etc. You can also use it for presentation in a chiller cabinet.

This melamine tray is also available in other catering sizes: ref 85301 in GN 1/3 and ref 85300 in GN 1/2.

These trays can be fitted with a lid, sold separately.

In the same collection of melamine tableware, we offer two models of tray with handle, ref 85303 in 45 x 17.5 cm and ref 85304 in 53 x 30 cm.

We also offer you, in the same collection

- a round melamine plate / tray, diameter 15 cm ref 85305, diameter 20 cm ref 85306 and diameter 26 cm ref 85307

- a round melamine salad bowl, diameter 12.5 cm H 4.5 cm capacity 0.25 litres ref 85308, diameter 12.5 cm H 5.5 cm capacity 0.5 litres, diameter 20.5 cm H 7.5 cm capacity 1.2 litres ref 85310

- Rectangular salad bowl / GN container, dimensions GN 1/4 capacity 1.8 litres, ref 85311, and GN 2/4 capacity 4 litres, ref 85312.

Have a look at the other collections presented on our website to discover the variety of colours and patterns of melamine tableware (white, black, but also many other colours such as beige, brown, green, blue, grey, orange, yellow, pink, etc.), with a choice of designs and dimensions for the products presented, such as bowl models, salad bowls, plates, trays, displays, buffet supports and accessories. Choice of design, but also of aspect, with wood, concrete, stoneware, slate, porcelain, terracotta, etc. appearance. Thanks to the breadth of the collections, you can easily match your crockery to your decorations and the theme of your table or buffet. Melamine (synthetic resin) tableware is very resistant to impact, it is almost unbreakable. In the kitchen, be careful not to use it in a conventional or microwave oven: you cannot heat the dishes before serving them to your customers or cook them in a melamine dish.

We do not offer disposable trays.

We also offer models of buffet trays in slate, stainless steel with different finishes (vintage, matt, shiny, mirror polished, etc.) and in other plastic materials such as polypropylene and polyester, including ranges of self-service trays suitable for collective catering, snack and fast food services, for transporting a dish, plate and cutlery, meals, etc.

Delivery times: product sent within 24 to 48 hours if available on stock, otherwise generally within 10 working days. Free delivery in metropolitan France from 300 euros Tax. Excl., or collection at our plant with an appointment (we do not have a retail shop).