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Glass canisters

Glass canisters for an original presentation on a buffet or table with Weck canisters, or canisters for storage or presentation on a buffet.

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Glasses and glass canisters

Glass canisters have been used for long times, for food storage, especially when they are sealed with a silicone or rubber seal. Today they are on display, as the transparency of glass allows to see the food inside, they are particularly used in bulk shops, which try to work with a zero-waste philosophy, but they are also very present in kitchens for food storage and preservation. They are sold individually.


Weck canisters, bottles and glasses

The German brand WECK exists since around 100 years now, and WECK glasses are a real European success story. It is an ecological alternative to plastic, to preserve your condiments, jams, cereals or others ! A clever mix of tradition and modernity, these jars with a pure and timeless style have closing that is easy to use and clean, and to ensure a perfect seal to preserve for your food. Today, the traditional Weck glass is available in small, canisters models, with wooden or stainless steel covers, as well as the traditional glass lid, seals and stainless steel clips, a kind of clamp, which are used to close them. Also, a collection of bottles, often sold in sets. This is a very trendy product, straight or tulip shaped, and can be found on the tables of many restaurants, as there is a large choice of diameters and volumes in the Weck glasses and canisters collection.


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