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Food-quality greaseproof paper for catering

Food-quality greaseproof paper for catering.

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Personalization with food quality paper

Add a piece of personalization to your buffet or your serving trays with the sets of food quality paper. These allow you to create a personalized brand impression in your buffet, in hotels, restaurants, snacks and breweries. 

Sets of disposable food quality paper for catering

The food quality paper sets are adapted to the alimentary contact and greasedproof. Discover the differents design available that will suit the presentation of your buffet.

Food quality paper can also be used to embellish the presentation of small tasting in stainsless steel cups and frying basket, ideal for snacking or fast-food.

The sets of disposable paper can be use on serving trays. Th available sizes are 42x25 cm and 30x20 cm (16.5x10“ or 12x8”)