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Enameled GN containers

The enamelled cast Gastronorm tray is for anyone who wants to use a GN format for cooking in a convection oven.

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Enamelled coated tray

Unlike other materials used for the manufacture of GN trays, GN containers made of enameled cast iron are exclusively intended for cooking and not for presentation or storage. That's why they are only offered GN 1/1 size. Buffet-Plus offers you access to enameled cast iron containers in 3 different depths, from 20 mm to 65 mm, adapted to your oven. These containers resist without problem temperature till 300 ° C.


Why choose enameled cast iron in the Buffet-Plus range ?

For all those who do not give up the quality of cooking, while enjoying the GN 1/1 size and the benefits of the convection oven, this material is the most suitable for your equipment in GN containers. Perforated rim corners will facilitate expansion during cooking. The Buffet-Plus GN enameled cast iron containers give the possibility to access a high-end cooking, with a GN tray.