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Electric chafing dish

Electrical chafing dish and soup warmers.

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What exactly is an electric chafing dish?

With an electric chafing dish, every preparation is kept warm, by being store in a bath of hot water. However, chafing dishes are not adapted for cooking of food. Especially designed for buffets, breakfast and receptions of any kind, for the professionals of catering. Thanks to this device, your customers will be able to enjoy a warm meal, at the right temperature.

If some of the devices work with fuel, the electric chafing dish, as indicate by the name, works with electricity. Thus, is happens to be far more secure, as it doesn’t generate any flame. On the other hand, it has to be settled close to an electrical outlet and cannot be move during usage.

How to choose one’s professional chafing dish ?

On Buffet-Plus, the electric chafing dish is available in different sizes: the round device is recommanded for soup or sauces, as it facilitate the service. Besides the rectangular chafing dish is recommended for all the other cooked dished. In any case, the two items have a similar working process.  If the removable lid is less functional, it exists supports that can ease the handling of the chafing dish.

The chafing dish’s choice will also be based on its capacity. Indeed, it has to fit the use you wish to do with the device. Also, to determine the adapted capacity, it is necessary to take into accont the number of customers for each meal. Buffet-Plus provides you with electric chafing dish  and two soup warmer design to serve a quantity of food.

Finally, favor a material easy to clean. Stainless steel is the material recommended for professional of catering, as it is easy to take of. It owns also other advantages like a huge resistance to shocks and high temperatures.

The electrical chafing dish available on Buffet-Plus is the essential professional equipment for all the restaurants and hotels offering breakfast or self-service buffets.