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Dressing pot / bottle cooler Frosfire

Dressing pot / bottle cooler Frosfire

Art. Nr. : 1352
Height: 15
Length: Ø 11.5
Volume: 1.5
weight: 0.474

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Dressing pot / black bottle cooler Frosffire / silver colour. Outside diameter 11.5 cm, inside diameter 11 cm. Capacity 1.5 L. With non-slip coating.

Aluminium conducts heat and cold well and holds it for a long time.

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If you are looking for a dressing pot, take a look at our complete table accessories section to discover other models of dressing pots, made of stainless steel or melamine, and a choice of stainless steel sauce boats for your tables, as well as sauce bowls and sauce spoons, for serving or for use in the kitchen when you need to drizzle juice. We also offer baby bottles to decorate your plates in the kitchen and a sauce dispenser pump model.

The classic bottle cooler is a hollow container into which the bottle is inserted and which keeps it cool thanks to its highly insulating inner wall. We also offer models in polypropylene with a metal look, transparent MS (plastic) with glass look, concrete or even stainless steel with a copper look. In any case, the bottle coolers come in different sizes, the larger ones for wine or water bottles and the smaller ones for beer bottles, for example. They can, of course, be used to cool any bottled drink.

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