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Cutlery holder and table waste bin

Table waste bin, cutlery tray, in different shapes and materials.

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Cutlery holder and table waste bin


Whether it is to complete your table or to optimize the storage of the cutleries, the cutlery holders for buffets and the table waste bin out of stainless steel are an essential accessory. They bring the final touch of the table’s presentation and improve the comfort of the customers.

For the cutlery trays and the table waste bins, Buffet-Plus offers a wide variety of styles, which allow the product to be adapted to every types of catering. 


Table waste bin, cutlery tray, in different shapes and materials


Cutlery holders for buffet and the table waste bins have a very practical dimension; they can be used in catering as well as in hotels, bars or breweries. A variety of design is available, for example wood, wicker, stainless steel, with unique or multiple containers.  Products are adapted to alimentation, easy to take care of and compatible with dishwasher.

Some items have a swing cover. Some items have multiple containers and can be combined with each other to adapt to the needs of the restaurateurs and their customers.