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Kitchen utensils

Equipment for preparation and cooking, dosing and measuring, jugs, presentation and storage items.

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Essential accessories for professional kitchens

In hotels and restaurants, the look of the buffet is one of the most important elements. But it’s also very important to have a functional and efficient kitchen. To do so, there is nothing better than acquire the most adapted tools and utensils for professional catering.

These accessories are meant to be used in kitchens for cooking and preparation of dishes. They are dedicated to waiters, cooks, hosts … Their goal is to make the service easier, more efficient and more pleasant for everyone. There is a huge range of equipment available, especially for catering accessories. Discover those specifically chosen by Buffet-Plus for the professionals of catering.

Among our selection, you will find various item like for example, eggs box, stainless steel chef blow torch, citrus wedger, stainless steel measuring spoon for catering, sauce dispenser with pump, round and rectangle pizza dishes, and a lot more.

Some kitchen accessories available on our website

Among the kitchen materials available on Buffet-Plus, you will find melamine container to unset tables, or plastic container for crockery. You will also find specific material for service in room, like stainless steel bill ray, designed display the bills in kitchens. Finally, discover also the range of professional wrought iron pans.

Among our selection of displaying and storage for catering accessories, find for example wooden tea box to store tea bags on breakfast buffets, condiment boxes, or even glass canister. Canisters can be closed with a wooden lid or a lid to screw. Find also dispenser boxes and compartmented boxes, and spices box in wood.

To dose your preparations correctly, we propose measuring tools. Find for example a range of conical strainer in stainless steel to dose precisely powder and liquid ingredients like flour or sugar.  Professional stainless steel strainers for catering available on the website will also enable you to drain your dishes. Finally, discover also a range of measuring stainless steel graduated jugs in transparent plastic or stainless steel, a very strong material, resistant to shocks.

Squeezing bottles and containers are essential accessories for catering and pastry. They allow to dose with an extreme precision and are mostly use for the decoration of dishes and buffets.