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Condiment holder

Table caddy, oil and vinegar menage, salt and pepper menage.

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Why choosing a condiment holder?

Essential equipment on a self-service buffet, condiment holders and storage boxes for catering professionals allow you to store and make available to your customers various condiments such as dressing, oil, salt, pepper, or parmesan cheese.

Also discover rotating trays for condiments. They will give a dynamic look to your table, you will also appreciate their convenient aspect.

The different types of condiment holders proposed by Buffet-Plus:

  • The boxes: Made of wood or stainless steel, condiment boxes allow you to store a large number of products. They are particularly suitable for an off-table presentation, since they are voluminous. It is best to use it on a self-service buffet or shelf. They can also be used to store other catering items, such as cutlery, napkins, etc.
  • Salt and pepper menages: You will use these products to present the salt and pepper shakers on the table or on buffets. This stainless steel bracket eases the transport of small equipment and also allows them to be quickly removed thanks to its steel handle, in addition to its aesthetic appearance. Salt and pepper household products also save time as they are easy to maintain and dishwasher safe.
  • Mustard jars: These glass jars, also suitable to serve jam or sauces, have a stainless steel lid. The lid is drilled to allow a spoon to pass through, which users can serve themselves. This ensures that the condiment is kept in the jar and reduces waste.
  • Other accessories: On Buffet Plus, you will also find parmesan service kits, in stainless steel or glass, equipped with a serving spoon. Also take advantage of the salt shaker sets, perfect to equip a new restaurant or hotel.