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Coffee dispenser & insulated jugs

Insulated pitchers and pitchers, coffee dispensers.

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Insulated coffee dispenser


A coffee dispenser for hotels or restaurants is the insurance of always having coffee ready and at the right temperature, where the customer will serve himself with the tap.

Coffee dispensers can be insulated beverages dispensers, and be used either for serving hot or cold drinks.

On Buffet Plus you can also opt for a coffee dispenser with burner, available in two capacities, 10.5 L or 12 L.

Another solution is the insulated jug with pump, pressure mechanism, with level indication. On touch of a button, you can serve a cup of coffee, hot water for tea or herbal tea, and up to 24 cups.


Insulated Pots


On Buffet Plus you can choose for an insulated pot cap to screw, available in white or black, and with glass inside.

You will also find a choice of insulated pots made of stainless steel and polypropylene, or all stainless steel, designed for an easy one-handed use !

Insulated pots, as insulated dispensers, can be used either for hot or cold drinks.