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Ice buckets, ice tongs, strainers, muddlers, shakers, cocktail measuring cups, drip mats and accessories for making cocktails. All the equipment for the bartender.

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Professionals of catering offering cocktails to their customers need the adapted accessoriy for the preparation of these drinks. On Buffet-Plus, discover the equipments for cocktail that fit to your needs: shakers, muddlers, ice breakers and other products are available there.

The barman cocktail material available on Buffet-Plus

  • The bar organizer, or caddy bar is a equipment for cocktail that enables to organize the work of the barman. It consists in boxes where we can sort straws, stirrers, napkins, spoons. It is essential to make a good drink presentation
  • Compartmentalized box: convietent, this item can host all the ingredients needed for the preparation of cocktail, like for example, fruits or even spices.
  • Ice accessories: Cocktail needs to be drunk at the right temperature. Thus, on, Buffet-Plus, you can find the adapted professional material for cocktail that will allow you to breaks, store or crush ice.
  • The drink dispenser: Usually made of glass or stainless steel, this accessory is recommended for the making of a big quantity of cocktail. Convenient, it can be used on buffets for example.
  • The other accessories: citrus wedger, cocktail spoons and forks, as well as ice molds or metal straws are available on Buffet-Plus. Make your choice among the material for barman and cocktail that will fit your needs.

The essential accessories to make cocktails

  • Muddlers: this professional material for cocktailis available is diverse material. In wood, for the aesthetic advantages of this material, in ABS, for the resitance, in stainless steel and even polycarbonate. You will also find the ergonomic stailess steel ice tong, helping for the making of drinks.
  • Shakers: The secret for a successful cocktail lies in the mixture of the different ingredients. Thus, the shakers is crucial. It is made with two pieces which are the shaker bowl and the glass bowl above. Several design are available on Buffet-Plus, allowing you to make your choice among the items and find your favorite
  • Alcohol measurers: a deliscious cocktail is above all a drink where alcohol, sirup and lemonade are correctly dosed. To help the barman to created these drinks, the measurer is essential. It is available in various size of content on Buffet-Plus.