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Citrus zester

Zester, knife zester for professionals catering

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The perks of having a citrus zester knife in one’s kitchen

In the area of professional catering, desserts are somehow important. To create the best fruit desserts, it is essential to have access to the most adapted kitchen tools and accessories. The zester knife is part of these mandatory tools for cooking and pastry. On Buffet-Plus, a wide range of professional citrus zester for hotels and restaurants is available.

Zester re kitchen tools especially designed to pare the zests and the skin of fruits like lemons, oranges, citrus … These catering accessories will allow you to slice easily thin sliver of colorful fruits for the decoration of your desserts, like cakes, ice cream or even to display on buffets salads or marinades. The fruits zester can also be used to cut thin slices of cheese.

Finally, to display originals fruits on a breakfast buffets, or to embellish a restaurant room, it is possible to carve within the fruits skin special lines and patterns, without damaging the pulp. Fruits are an idea of decoration for self-service buffets.

Which kind of zester knife is the most adapted to your needs ?

  • The double decorator/zester knife: this paring knife for fruits has a stainless steel blade perforated with five holes that allow one’s to cut easily and precisely the zest and skin of fruits and vegetables. The ergonomic handle made of polyamide allows an easy handling of this catering equipment and prevent from slipping. The blade also owns an additional hole on the side, to allow to carve diverse patterns.
  • Orange peeler knife: with its stainless steel blade and a polyamide handle, this paring knife for catering own all the ergonomic qualities required by professional kitchens. The blade has a sharpened side, especially adapted for carving patterns and lines on fruits. This kitchen tool will allow you to prepare fruit for the decoration of buffets.
  • Serrated zester knife: This knife owns a stainless steel blade perfectly adapted for both paring and carving. Besides, the zests obtained can also serve as additional decoration on dishes or to spice them. Cut fruits can also be used as decoration.