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Chafing dish

Buffet Plus offers a choice of professional stainless steel chafing dishes : quality professional equipment to keep dishes warm, chafing dishes with burners, fuel gel, mixed burner/induction chafing dishes, induction chafing dishes and electric chafing dishes. Buffet Plus offers a collection of chafing dishes to keep your meals warm in all circumstances and on all your presentation buffets, with an adapted price range and a choice in volume according to your needs, in GN or round sizes.

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What is a chafing dish and how to use it?

The chafing dish is a professional equipment that allows you to maintain food or cooked dishes at the desired temperature on all your buffets, like a bain-marie, with the difference that it does not cook food. The chafing dish can work with specific burners, with an induction stove, or simply be electric with a resistance.

There are several forms of chafing dish, rectangular or round. Round chafing dishes are more suitable for soups and sauces, which will be easier to serve in a round tray.

The lids for chafing dish can also be different: roll-top cover, which can easily close the chafing dish once served, or cover to ask, with the disadvantage of the place to find on the buffet.

Whichever you choose, the chafing dish is an indispensable professional material for your breakfast buffets and reception buffets, for hotels, restaurants, but also for communities, hospitals and holiday and leisure centers.


Chafing dish with combustible gel, electric chafing dish or induction dish ?

The chafing dish keeps the food warm thanks to a heat source: this heat source can be provided by the burners, or by the electricity, either because the chafing dish connects directly to the electricity, or because it works with an induction hob.

The electric chafing dish is safer because there is no flame, but you must have a power outlet nearby. Some chafing dish induction / burners, and you can choose to operate them either with the burners or with an induction hob.

Burners work with gels or liquids.

On Buffet Plus you will find a wide range of professional chafing dish in GN sizes, with roll-top or fixed lid, round chafing dish, all stainless or stainless steel and glass covers. The cover with glass part has an advantage: it allows your customer to see the contents of the chafing dish before opening it.

Buffet Plus also offers in this section a choice of induction plates and plate warmers, as well as accessories for your chafing dish: spare parts, burners, lids, spoon rest, resistors, rails for GN containers, foldable transparent lid , and granite chips ideal for keeping eggs warm.