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Chafing dish induction / burner

Chafing dish with burners possible induction use for catering professionals.

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Mixed chafing dish, burners and induction, dual mode operating models

The induction / burner chafing dish are chafing dish on feet designed to work with burners, but also have the specification of being delivered with a frame for inserting an induction plate under the chafing dish if you want to use induction.

There are also chafing dish with frame and burners, which can be used on your traditional induction plate when you remove the frame ; thus the bottom of the chafing dish is directly in contact with the induction plate of your kitchen.


Globe chafing dish

The Globe chafing dish models are intended to work either with burners or with induction.

Depending on the model chosen, either the chafing dish can be placed directly on your induction stove, or it has a stainless steel frame that allows you to insert an induction plate, sold separately.