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Cereal dispensers and cereal displays

Professional cereal dispensers and cereal displays.

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Cereals dispensers and displays available on Buffet-Plus.

  • Cerals dispensers : Numerous cereals dispensers are available on Buffet-Plus. Owning one or more containers, they are also provided with a scroll wheel allowing consumers to serve themselves way more easily. As these devices are transparent, is it possible to know the nature and the quantity of food remaining inside. The cereal bar is one of the most practicle device. Easy to use, it will surely answer to the needs of hotel and restaurants. If you wish to propose your cusomers a variety of cereals, you can use a device with several silos.
  • Cereals displays : Unlike the dispensers, cereals displays are provided with several bowls and lids, set on a support. In that case, customers will serve themselves with and adapted spoon. Less costly, these displays still have as much aesthetics, even though they are less comfortable to use the cereals bars.
  • Cereals pitchers : Those pitchers are provided with an airtight lid, it only needs to be bend to serve the desired quantity of cereals. Very affordable, it doesn’t required huge place for storage and is very practical. Beside the item available on Buffet-Plus is dishwasher proof.

Before investing in these equipments, you need to have an overview of your needs. Several criteria are taken into account and will help you to choose the item that fits you: the right capacity, easy of use, size, …

Why choosing a cereal dispenser ?

The cereals displays, dispensers, or bar are essential for a self-service breakfast buffet. The devices provided with a scroll wheel happen to be even more practical, as they allow customers to have a better control on the quantity of cereals they take.

Choosing such a device allows one to preserve at best the food on buffets. Indeed, every item available on Buffet-Plus are provided with an airtight lid. Thus, customers can enjoy fresh cereals during the whole breakfast time.

Unlike the dispensers sold in retail toward direct consumers and private people, the professional cereals dispensers have a greater capacity and are thus, more adapted to uses in catering. Besides, the materials choose for their design have high quality, resistance and ease of maintenance.