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Cereal dispenser Bridge beech wood wenge

Cereal dispenser Bridge beech wood wenge

Art. Nr. : 0612
Height: 55.5
Length: 21
Volume: 4.5
Width: 20
weight: 2.59

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Bridge cereal dispenser with a solid beech wood base in a wenge colour, with a special lid designed for storing cereals. Easy to use thanks to the knob. Wood, SAN and stainless steel. Tank fixing: simple.

Also available in maple wood, item number 13987.

There are two types of types of fastening the tank to the cereal dispensers:

- Simple fastening, entry-level model, with a system of notch attachment of the tank to the mast

- Fastening with screwed metal straps.

If you buy a model with a simple fastening, you must ensure that the weight of the full container (cylinder) is not too heavy: this would be the case if you were to fill it completely with compact cereals (such as muesli); in fact, the weight of the whole plus the pressure exerted by the self-service customer could unbalance the whole, and cause the tank to come out of the fastening point. For these models, choose "light" cereals such as corn flakes.

The model with the tank fastened with a metal strap avoids this type of situation.

In all cases, the customer must carefully turn the knob around the rotation axis, without exerting undue pressure.