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Concrete bottle cooler grey Element

Concrete bottle cooler grey Element

Art. Nr. : 3609
Height: 19
Length: Ø 12
weight: 2.3

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Bottle cooler made of concrete, grey colour, Element range. The concrete allows an excellent cooling, because it keeps the temperature cool for a long time. Bottom with anti-scratch coating. Inside diameter of the bottle cooler: 10 cm (you can cool all bottles, wine or juice or other drinks with a smaller diameter). No dishwasher.

This model of bottle cooler is also available in black colour, ref. 36099, in pastel pink colour, ref. 36104, and in pastel green colour, ref. 36105. It will be useful for a table service, but also on buffet tables.

The bottle coolers are hollow supports in which we slide the bottle of wine (or other drink) and which will keep it cool thanks to its particularly insulating external wall. You will find several models of bottle coolers on our website, in different materials: transparent plastic material (MS), concrete, or stainless steel with different aspects: stainless steel look or copper look. There are different sizes of bottle coolers, the larger ones for cooling and keeping cool wine or water bottles, and the smaller ones for small bottles, like cans. 

To cool and keep cool several bottles, you can use several types of equipment, with different design:

- ice bucket: these are large capacity buckets, like this large bottle cooler which is a galvanized metal bucket with a capacity of 11 litres or 18 litres and which allows to place many bottles, wine, beer, champagne, and other beverages in ice cubes; see the product ref. 36100, copper look, 36095 and 36096 metal look, and 36101 black colours.

- cool collar for bottles: ice-free cooling system, to be stored in the freezer. The bottle is cooled after 5 minutes: see for example ref. 36083 - or isothermal bag that is previously stored in the refrigerator, filled with cooling gel, and reusable indefinitely: see for example ref. 36075

- Bowl : with a large capacity, the bowl allows, like the ice bowl, to place several bottles of water, wine, or champagne, or any other drink, with ice. The bowls can be made of stainless steel, sometimes double-wall, like ref. 36044 which ensures to better maintain the temperature, or made of plastic material often transparent, like the large champagne bucket ref. 36057.

- bottle bucket : often for one bottle, sometimes for two bottles, like the clear bottle bucket ref. 36056.

There are also models of electric bottle coolers, also called bottle coolers, which are comparable to electric wine cellars: the bottle is left cool in this device until the moment of serving. Buffet Plus does not offer electric bottle coolers.

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