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Candle holder / Flower vase

Table candle holder and wind lights.

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The ultimate decorative element

Vases, chandeliers and candles holders are decorative elements that will bring an elegant and warm atmosphere to your hotel or restaurant. Find on Buffet-Plus a selection of flower vases dedicated to professionals of the catering and hotel industry.

Zinc flower vases have several advantages. They are lightweight and have a small diameter, which allows you to transport them easily, especially since they require little space to store, or to display them on tables, remember that it is only a table accessory. Zinc is also easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. Finally, in the event of a fall or storage, zinc is a very shock-resistant material, which guarantees a long life for your product.

Candlesticks, candles and candle holders for a warmer atmosphere

Discover on Buffet-Plus a wide selection of candle holders and candle sticks suitable for catering. These products will be perfect to decorate your dining room. Metal candlesticks can be placed on furniture or buffets to create an elegant atmosphere. However, it is not advised to place these catering equipment on tables or too close to customers.

Candle holders for restaurants and hotels allow you to place candles and decorate your table with flames, without risk of contact for customers. Besides, these products are reusable, it will be enough to change the candle.

The candlesticks are made of high quality silver plated metal, with a scratch-resistant coating. The candlesticks for catering are stands for candles, there are items compatible with 3 or 5 candles. The candle holders and decorative candlesticks for restaurants consist of a polished glass tube that surrounds the flame to prevent any risk of burning, and a base where the candle is placed. There are models with concrete, matt stainless steel or even pedestal bases.