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Cake stand Acacia

Cake stand Acacia

Art. Nr. : 0234
Height: 8
Length: Ø 24
weight: 0.58

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Cake stand Acacia, made of oiled acacia wood ; 6 sizes. Water-proof, stackable, not dishwasher-proof.

Wood is a natural living material, having many qualities, but it also requires special care: it is a material "working", it can shrink or expand depending on the degree of humidity and temperature. In the case of a cutting board, aperitif board or presentation board, this means that if the wood is not well protected, it can split or crack.

Before using your board for the first time, it is therefore advisable to apply a treatment on it, especially if your board is made of untreated wood: oiling your board will prevent grease stains and increase its natural resistance to moisture. Never soak the board into water, as this could split the wood. Once washed, the board should be thoroughly wiped and air-dried, either hanging or placed vertically on its edge. As wood is sensitive to temperature changes, avoid drying the board in front of a strong heat source. Drying is very important to avoid cracking and warping.

These displays can be fitted with a cover, sold separately:

  • Cover ref. 06519, suitable for display ref. 33292 and 33293
  • Cover ref. 06520, suitable for displays ref 33294 and 33295
  • Cover ref. 06521, fits display ref. 33296 and 33297.