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Professional cake cover

Find all the buffet covers on Buffet Plus. Cheese covers, cakes, roll top covers for your buffets. All shapes, sizes and sizes are proposed.

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Professional cake cover


The transparent round covers highlight your cakes and pastries most often presented on a round tray.

The covers can standard, and laid directly on your presentation tray or on a pastry stand ; you can also choose a roll-top cover to facilitate the service.

Made of polycarbonate or Polystyrol, the composite materials are scratch-resistant and do not deform in boiling water.


Cake display stand with cover


On Buffet Plus you can also find a cake stand on which you can lay a standard or roll-top cover.

The wide variety of trays offered on Buffet Plus can also allow you to choose the right tray in the website and arrange your cake display by browsing the section of the covers.

We also offer cake stands on two or three levels, made of melamine, stainless steel or slate; that will allow you to serve sweets, but do not allow the use of a cover.