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Oval chrome-plated metal tray Partyplatte, fully chiselled surface, set of 48

Oval chrome-plated metal tray Partyplatte, fully chiselled surface, set of 48

Art. Nr. : 0489
Height: 2
Length: 46
Width: 34
weight: 14.88

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Presentation buffet tray ; oval-shaped tray made of chrome-plated metal, round edge, nickel-plated and chrome-plated metal, not suitable for food contact, sold in sets of 48 pieces. Partyplatte collection, fully chiselled surface. To be used with food paper. Do not put in direct contact with food, oils and sauces. Not resistant to acidity. Stackable, no dishwasher.

In this collection, this buffet display tray is also available in oval shaê, in set of 48 pieces, size 46 x 34 cm, Art. 00391, or in rectangular shape size 41 x 31 cm, Art. 00391. It is also available in rectanglular GN 1/1 sizes, in set of 36 pieces, Art. 00394.

These trays can be used as a presentation tray for catering buffet , cocktails, dinners, aperitifs, etc.  You can also use them for the presentation on table, but in any case, the food must not come into contact with the trays. We also offer another range of chrome-plated metal buffet trays, with the Classic collection, where you will also find trays in sets of 48 or 36 pieces, in round, oval or rectangular shapes.

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You can also choose a buffet display tray in other ranges and materials, such as melamine (with different colours, designs, and looks), with a large choice of colours (white, black, but also red, green, blue, grey, etc.), natural wood, with different types of wood, slate, or stainless steel with different finishes. We also offer serving trays in different materials, and catering trays such as self-service trays, available in different plastics, such as poylester or polypropylene, and different colours such as black, red, brown, and grey.

To complete the presentation of a dish or tasting on a buffet, we invite you to consult our collections of Weck small glasses, presentation stands and buffet stands to place in your trays and salad bowls, and the different models of display stands, and the different models of salad bowls; some models of salad bowls can be fitted with a clear, rigid lid, with a notch for the serving spoon.

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