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Box of rectangular chrome-plated metal tray Partyplatte, fully chiselled surface

Box of rectangular chrome-plated metal tray Partyplatte, fully chiselled surface

Art. Nr. : 0039
Height: 1.5
Length: 41
Width: 31
weight: 15.36

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Rectangular buffet tray sold in sets, Classic collection, fully chiseled surface. This buffet tray has a round edge, nickel and chrome plated metal, not suitable for food contact

To be used with food paper: do not put in direct contact with food, oils and sauces. Not resistant to acidity. Stackable, no dishwasher

This buffet tray, known as a "catering tray", is widely used for buffet presentations, but it can also be used as a serving tray for drinks. This buffet tray is also available in a round shape, diameter 35 cm, sold in set of 48 pieces, art. 00393, or in an oval shape, sold in set of 48 pieces, dimensions 46 x 34 cm, Art. 00391. These are "first price" trays.

In the Classic range of buffet trays, we present another desogn of tray, catering trays that can be used for service and presentation on the buffet, with the rim decorated with a line, also sold in sets: in round shape, diameter 35 cm, set of 48 pieces, Art. 00396, in oval shape in set of 48 pieces, Art. 00398, and in rectangular shape, dimensions GN 2/3 in set of 48 pieces, Art. 00389, and in GN 1/1 size, in set of 36 pieces, Art. 00395. These buffet trays are not sold individually.

We also offer other models of trays that can be used for table and buffet service and presentation, made of other materials: stainless steel (with different finishes such as vintage, matt, glossy, mirror polished, etc.), slate, natural wood (olive, acacia, oak, etc.), glass, and quality melamine (plastic resin). You will have a wide choice of colours for melamine trays, such as black, white, red, green, blue, brown, etc., but also of design and pattern, and of looks: wood, slate, concrete, stoneware, porcelain, terracotta. Some trays can be fitted with a lid.

Melamine tableware is highly shock resistant and mostly unbreakable. Be careful in the kitchen when preparing meals, you cannot use melamine trays in the traditional oven or in the microwave oven to heat up meals before serving them to the customer or cook in a melamine dishes.

For the transport of meals in the catering industry, we also offer self-service trays, suitable for catering and snack bars.

We do not offer disposable trays.

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