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Bowls, salad bowls and lids.

Melamine bowls / salad bowls for catering

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Functionnals salad bowls on Buffet-Plus

Discover on Buffet-Plus a wide range of bowls and salad bowls dedicated to professionals of catering and hotels. Ideal to display dishes in self-service buffets, these equipments are essential for you. Bowls and salad bowls available on Buffet-Plus can be used in several different ways.

  • Display tool on self-service buffets: Salad bowls can be used in addition with metallic stands and racks, to allow your customers to serve themselves more easily. It also creats a unique and decorated buffet. You can, for example, usethe bowls to contain cereals, soups, salads,…
  • Art of entertaining: Smll bowls and salad bowls can be used to display food directly on the customers’s table, like appetizers or sauces. There are various design available, among numerous collections, you will for sure find the one that fits the particular atmosphere of your hotel or restaurant.
  • Accessories: On Buffet-Plus, you will also find a bunch of accessories that will ease the use of bowls and salad bowls. Like, for example, tongs, service spoons or airtight lids, to keep food as long as possible.

Aesthetique materials, adapted to catering

Among the range of bowls and salad bowls for catring professionals, we have selected the most adapted materials for presentation and preparation of food.

  • Stainless steel: easy to clean, aesthetic and hygienic and resistant, stainless steel has already a important place in the area of professional catering kitchen toolos and in many hotels and restaurants.
  • Glass: recyclable, particularly hygienic and healthy, glass also present many advantage and fit inside professional kitchens. Its transparency allows one to know at first sight the nature and the quantity contained in the bowls, and to refill it if needed.
  • Melamine: Particularly strong and light, products made of melamine are almost unbreakable and thus, very much recommended for professional kitchens or self-service buffet. Besides, many designs exist, clustered in collection. For example, melamine can imitate wood, slate, stone or bamboo. Thanks to this variety, you will for sure find the design you wish for your restaurant or hotel.
  • Concrete: Make the choice of this modern material, adapted for catering. Concrete element bowls on Buffet-Plus will help you modernize the looking of you buffet. These product are very strong and also heavier than the other.