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Bar accessories

Waiter's corkscrew, bottle openers, jugs, corks, glasses holders and bottle holders.

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Bar and catering serving accessories

To ensure bar service, you must be able to do expert work. In addition to these actions, bar accessories specially designed for bar service in catering industry are also needed. On Buffet-Plus, you will find a wide selection of products dedicated to the service of drinks, cocktails and others. These accessories will make life easier for catering professionals, bar tenders and their customers.

Discover our range of bar and catering accessories; sommeliers, bottle openers, pouring bottles, corks, glass holders and bottle holders.

High quality accessories for bartenders

Pouring caps and pouring bottles: These accessories are used to pour oil, syrup or any other liquid that requires precise dosage. Perfect for restaurants and hotels, pouring caps can be placed directly on the bottle, replacing the original cap. The stainless steel pouring plugs allow constant pouring of snas and splashing. You will also find a special model of champagne pouring cap, particularly elegant and convenient

Bottle and glass holders: For small bottles or glasses, you can use the multiple bottle holders. They can be carried by an handle and have several compartments to store bottles or glasses, even full ones. They can also be used as beverage displays. For wine bottles, discover the chrome metal bottle holder. Bright and stylish, this inclined bottle holder will enhance your product. 

Cocktail accessories: For the preparation of cocktails, an exact dosage of ingredients is essential. To help you, Buffet-Plus offers bar and catering serving accessories for cocktails such as stainless steel cocktail knives or lemon wedge tongs. To discover all the bar and coffee accessories available (mugs, shakers, drumsticks, trays, etc.) clic here.