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Wine coolers

Bottle cooler and cool collar.

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The different bottle cooling ways: bar accessories

Among the many bar accessories available on Buffet-Plus, discover the bottle coolers and cuffs. These innovative items will allow you to keep your bottles cool for several hours, without the use of ice or extra ice cubes.

Compatible with plastic mineral water bottles or glass wine bottles, you can use them to keep the bottles cool even outdoors, for meetings, conferences,  etc.

Which bottle cooler choosing?

There are different models, each adapted to most bottles. Choose according to your needs from the different choices available.

  • Classic bottle coolers: They come in the form of a hollow support, in which the bottle is slid and which will keep it cool thanks to its particularly insulating inner wall. The models available are in polypropylene with a metal look, MS transparent with glass imitation, concrete or stainless steel with a copper look. In all cases, there are different sizes of bottle bar coolers, the largest being for wine or water bottles and the smallest for beer cans, for example.
  • Cool collars: Isothermal bottle collar are a cooling device that does not require ice or ice cubes. All you have to do is store the collar in a freezer beforehand, then wrap it around the bottle when you want to cool it. The bottle is refrigerated in 5 minutes thanks to the plastic collar.
  • The insulated cover: The outside of the isulated bottle cover is made of tear-resistant fabric. The polyethylene interior is filled with cooling gel. This device is suitable for wine or champagne bottles. Before use, the cover is previously stored in the freezer, where it accumulates cold, then cools a bottle in a few minutes. The cover has the advantage of being reusable indefinitely, so it is a good investment for your bar or restaurant.
  • Multiple coolers: You will also find cooling devices for catering professionals adapted to several bottles. They operate on the same principle as classic bottle coolers except that the holders are wider and can accommodate more bottles, up to 6.