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Champagne buckets

Clear or stainless steel buckets, buckets for one or more bottles.

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Bottle bucks, an essential accessory for catering

Champagne buckets for catering, and the wine buckets have to find a place in your restaurant or hotel. Indeed, these accessories have for purpose to ensure the conservation of drinks, to preserve their unique and delicate taste. Also, you should opt for such a device, to serve to your customers alcohols at the right temperature and preserved aromas

Various products available on Buffet-Plus

On buffet-Plus, you’ve got  a wide choice of products, allowing you to choose the bucket for wine bottles for catering that best fulfilled your needs and expectations.

  • The transparent bottle bucket: This accessory happens to be particularly aesthetic. If it allow a good presentation of the drink offered, it also has the ability to keep it at the adapted temperature. Acrylic is easy to clean and has a light weight. It has a pleasant touch and is very strong.
  • The stainless steel bottle bucket: stainless steel is the material you should favor. It doesn’t suffer corrosion nor shocks, and is easy to clean up. For example; it is dishwasher proof. Stainless steel also allow to keep the temperature low and is not sensitive to humidity. This champagne bucket for catering is to favor, especially since it is very aesthetic.
  • The multi-bottle bucket: On Buffet-Plus, you can also find a bucket adapted for two bottles or or.If this addessory allow you to host big tables and can also be considered as a decorative element.
  • The square champagne bowl: You are looking for a original equipment for decoration ? Opt for the squared bowl! The design available on Buffet-Plus is adapted to wines and champagnes and has two side handles very convenient.
  • The double wall champagn bowl: You are looking for the efficient accessory to e sure to keep your bottle the longest ? In that case, you can choose this chambagn bowl for catering, as its main purpose is to keep cold for a long period of time.