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Black cereal dispenser Fresh and Easy duo

Black cereal dispenser Fresh and Easy duo

Art. Nr. : 1116
Height: 52
Length: 22
Volume: 9
Width: 35
weight: 4.403

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Black cereal dispenser Fresh and Easy, SAN, Zinc, silicon and stainless steel. 2 x 4.5 L. Removable canister, special lid to keep the cereals fresh, easy to use, juste rotate the button to get the muesli.

Spare part : canister, ref. 11808. Simple fastening.

This model of cereal dispenser is also available in a double version, 2 x 4.5 L, Art. Nr 11841.

Simple fastening, with a system of notch attachment of the tank to the mast.

You must ensure that the weight of the full container (cylinder) is not too heavy: this would be the case if you were to fill it completely with compact cereals (such as muesli); in fact, the weight of the whole plus the pressure exerted by the self-service customer could unbalance the whole, and cause the tank to come out of the fastening point. For these models, choose "light" cereals such as corn flakes.

In all cases, the customer must carefully turn the knob around the rotation axis, without exerting undue pressure.

Buffet plus offers professional equipment with a choice of professional cereal dispensers suited to dry food, and a choice of canisters and salad bowls adapted to the storage and display of cereals on the breakfast buffet. The cereal dispensers have a large capacity, up to 8 litres individually. There are also double cereal dispensers, and even triple cereal dispensers with the rotating model, which can serve up to 13.5 litres of cereal.

The cereal dispenser is a container (plastic) that allows you to dispense the right amount of cereal for breakfast, with the added benefit of a container that keeps your cereal, dried fruit, corn flakes, oat flakes or muesli, etc. fresh. The cereal dispenser will also allow you to monitor the amount of cereal you have on stock, as it is clear, so that you can plan the buying of your cereal. The containers of the dispensers are made of plastic, polycarbonate or polypropylene, and their lids allow for a hermetic seal and are adapted to the conservation of cereals to guarantee their freshness. The dispensing of the cereal portions is easy thanks to the knob on the container. The canisters and salad bowls with lids will be useful for presentation on breakfast buffets, but also for storing these dry foods. The cereal pitcher can be placed on a stand of your choice and is a product that makes storage easier. Click on each art. Nr. for product details. Bowl or container are available as spare parts. The lids of the containers of the cereal dispensers are designed to allow a good conservation of the cereals.

The product will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours if it is available on stock, otherwise it takes 10 working days. Free delivery in metropolitan France from 300 euros Tax.excl., or collection at our plant with an appointment (we do not have a retail shop).