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BBQ Plancha tools

Barbecue / plancha ustensil, professional kitchen ustensils.

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Essential equipments for a successful BBQ

With summer coming back, barbecues and planchas will gain popularity. Whether you are a private, hotel or restaurant, you will surely have the opportunity to make barbecues during summer. To succeed your BBQ parties, it is essential that you acquire the right tools and kitchen utensils, adapted for the serving of barbecues and planchas.

These catering equipments are designed to be use outside, they can also be used to display some specific dishes like skewers, sausages … Discover on Buffet-Plus our range of kitchen tools, especially designed for barbecues and planchas in professional catering.

Cooking utensils for barbecues and planchas

Cooking spatula: Usually designed to help cooking dishes in pans, the kitchen spatula is also adapted to other cooking ways. You can for example use them to turn easily the food on a plancha, to grant a perfect cooking. Cooking spatula in stainless steel will also be used to clean up the plancha after you used it. On Buffet-Plus, several spatulas for planchas with flexible stainless steel blade are available. This material is particularly strong and resistant to heat. The different sizes of spatula available will allow you to cook diverse dishes like meats, vegetables, fishes…