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Bread baskets are true essentials for catering establishements. Indeed, one wouldn’t think about not presenting at any time fresh bread to one’s customers, within an adapted display. On Buffet-Plus, find among the selection of catering bread baskets the one that answer to your needs.

Bread baskets: used in rooms and kitchens

Bread baskets have to be found on your tables and buffets. Of course these accessories are convenient to use, but the also serve an aesthetic purpose; a nice basket for bread will add decoration to any table or buffet presentation.

Baskets are also adapted for service, and have their place in kitchens of restaurants and hotels. On Buffet-Plus, you will find baskets for baguettes, ideal to store bread before serving it.

This accessory can also be place in a self-service buffet, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. As you well understood bread baskets are essential for you, professionals of catering. On Buffet-Plus, find the design that will enhance your tables and buffets looking.


The different materials available on Buffet-Plus

  • Pollyrattan : this material is a braided resin imitating perfectly natural rattan. Less costly, pollyrattan is also very light and handly. On the other hand, it has the advantage to be unbreakle and resistant to humidity and cold as well as shocks. Finally, it is easy to clean, assuraing you time saving.
  • Cotton: Aesthetic, its natural look will surely seduce you. On Buffet-Plus, find bread basket and bags for catering in cotton, available with different colours and pattern. These accessories can be washed in washing machine at 30° and have adjustable size.
  • Paper: These original baskets perfectly imitate leather. They are elegant, modern and also waterproof, which assures them a long life time. Some items can be washed in washing machine at 30°, other requires a more careful handling. Buffet-Plus has a selection of paper bread baskets, in diverse sizes and shapes.
  • Metal: resistant, easy to clean up and elegant,metal has all to please. On Buffet-Plus, choose the close or the openwork design, regarding what best fits your restaurant, hotel or buffet.