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Equipment for bar and bar restaurant equipment, stainless steel bar and cocktail articles, bar material, equipment and accessories, bar equipment, bottle stopper, glass, Boston shaker, baskets for bottle, champagne bowls and buckets, corks with or without spout for wine and champagne, wine presentation, vacuum pump like VacuVin, utensils, measuring device, professional equipment for the bartender. Discover all the details by clicking on each Art. The jigger will also be useful in the kitchen if you are making recipes, especially in pastry, to measure the quantity of alcohol.

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On Buffet-Plus, you will find materials for barman, adapted for the preparation of cocktail, or for service drinks. A wide selection of product is presented in this section, so make your choice among the many accessories available.

Barman equipments: Service of champagne

Any professional of catering proposing champagne to its customers has to be equipped with the appropriate and essential devices to serve this exclusive drink. Find on Buffet-Plus the accessories that will help you serving and presenting this drink.

  • Champagne buckets: crucial to keep this exclusive drink at the right temperature, buckets also preserve the taste of the drink. On Buffet-Plus, these products are available in several designs, you will surely find one that fit your tastes and your restaurant or hotel.
  • Stand for buckets and vasques: essential accessories, they can hold your bottle buckets at the right height, which makes it easier to use for the customers, and gives a better look.
  • Champagne vasques: it is actually champagne buckets designed to host several bottles. Convenient, they will find a place on buffets for example. Vasques can also be used to decorate a bar.

Bar and cocktail accessories

  • Wine coolers: these are isotherm collars that are put around a bottle, to make sure to keep it perfectly cold. On Buffet-Plus a wide selection of accessories is available. Choose the material, the colour ans the cooling system most adapted to the need you wish for your devices. Not only is the cooler very convenient, but it also is aesthetics. In particular the product out of concrete, stainless steel, glass, or SAN.
  • The waiter’s corkscrew: essential devices for barman, the corkscrew is multipurpose. It allow to open bottles with caps and well as wine bottles et, thanks to its retractable blade, it allow to remove the seal around the cap of some alcohol bottles.
  • Stainless steel mugs and tumblers: these products for bar and cocktail will allow you to give presentation and decoration to alcoholic or not drinks, in the most beautiful way. The range of items on Buffet-Plus is wide, alos you will surely discover the accessory that fit your needs.
  • Ice buckets: These equipments are able to keep items cold. Thank to them, the barman will enjoy ice cubes at the right temperature. Ice buckets prevent the ice from melting and thus are very useful.

Other accessories: serving trays, ashtrays, conservation caps, pouring caps and more. A wide range of products and accessories for bars are available on Buffet-Plus.