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Accessories and spare parts for chafing dish

Accessories for chafing dish : lid, granite chips, spoon rest, burner, and spare parts.

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Accessories for chafing dish

 They are essential to complete the display and use of your chafing dish on your buffets!

The spoon or ladle rest is suitable for receiving service utensils with elegance on your buffet, and allows to have the right utensil nearby. Available in stainless steel, or melamine and several choices of shape.

The adaptor bars for GN trays will be useful for you to pass from a GN 1/1 tray to other GN sizes 1/2 or GN 1/9 trays. It will also allow to offer several choices of dishes hot in a single chafing dish.

Choose the warmth of fine washed granite chips ideal for keeping eggs warm on your buffet.


Spare parts for chafing dish

 On Buffet Plus, you will find the spare parts of the professional chafing dish sold on the website : bain-marie container, clear foldable lid, roll-top lid, burners and electric heating unit for chafing dish.

Buffet plus also offers in this section the spare parts of soup warmers.

Buffet Plus offers you a choice of professional chafing dish and ensures you to find the spare parts and accessories for this equipment !